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[ dmi ]


What is the goal?

The goal for all followers of Jesus is to become disciple makers. It’s the mandate that Jesus gave to the church in Matthew 28. As a [dmi] team we want to develop students that see their entire life as a journey of making disciples. During their one year commitment we will answer the question, “How do I make disciples for the rest of my life?”

How do you make lifelong disciple makers?

Our students are familiar with the phrase, “making disciples” however so many find themselves asking how to do it. With our [dmi] team, we will introduce to them a disciple-making model. We will challenge students to implement this very easy, reproducible visual of making disciples and being discipled. 


Note: We are not a ministry of model makers but a ministry of disciple makers. This model is designed to help students become

disciple-makers for a lifetime. This model is a crystal clear way for them to visualize their journey with Jesus. 

Disciple-making model

Chuck Lawless* lays out this disciple-making model in a way that is easy to understand and is reproducible. We will work together with our students to develop every area of this model as they serve their student ministry, church, community etc. Here is the basic breakdown of what he is trying to communicate:


Paul - Every follower of Jesus, regardless of age, needs a Paul in their life. They need to be poured into, give wisdom and direction from someone seasoned in the faith.


Timothy: Every follower of Jesus, regardless of age, needs a Timothy in their life. We must intentionally identify people we can disciple and challenge to engage in the ministry. 


Barnabas: Every follower of Jesus, regardless of age, needs a Barnabas in their life. We need people that are on the same level as us. People who we change journey through life together with. Other followers of Jesus that see us right where we are and can encourage us along the way. 


Lost People: Every follower of Jesus, regardless of age, needs lost people in their life. A vital part of the expansion of the kingdom is that lost people hear the good news of Jesus. We need to grow around those who are godly, while sharing and sacrificing our life for the ungodly. 

Are there any pre requisites to being part of the [dmi] Team?
  • Must have fully identified with CHBC as a local body of believers through church membership


  • Must be in the 10th, 11th or 12th grade.


  • Must submit a written personal testimony of an authentic salvation experience


  • Must submit a letter of recommendation from a Coral Hill staff member, ministry leader or mentor (Youth Pastor excluded) 


  • Each student leader establishes their commitment through signing a covenant each school year that lasts from August until the end of July


*The Youth Pastor and Mentors have final say in the decision of approving students for the [dmi] team.

How do I join the [dmi] Team? 
  • Students must apply online at The application season will last from June 1st - June 30th.  Please be aware that the application itself is quite involved. You will need to give yourself adequate time to complete the application so that you don’t miss the deadline. 

  • Starting July 1st the student ministry mentors will take the applications and begin to conduct one on one interviews. These interviews are meant to serve as a 'get to know you session' more than anything. We want to see what your passions are and to hear your motivations for being on the team. We want to make sure you understand the expectations and that you're  ready to commit to them for the duration of the school year (August-July).

  • All students who have previously served on the student leadership team will have their interview conducted by the Youth Pastor along with another mentor. The Youth Pastor works with the student leadership team more than any other mentor so by conducting their interviews, it will allow for a more thorough reflection of the previous year’s commitment. 

  • Following the interview, the mentor body will make a decision regarding each application. There will be a formal gathering on August 12th to sign covenants and begin the commitment together.  You will be notified by mail of the decision regarding your application.

What are the expectations?

A.  Commit to this team for 1 year. (August-July)

B. Commit to the disciple-making model

1. Have an accountability relationship with a mentor of the student ministry, a CHBC staff member or deacon of Coral Hill

a. Student will be responsible for approaching their potential mentor and asking them for their partnership

b. Their approved mentor will meet with them once a month, face to face, for accountability.

c. They will work through either "Ordering Your Private World" by Gordon Donalds, "Crazy Busy" by Kevin DeYoung or "Crazy Lazy" by Alistair Begg during their year long commitment

d. They will commit to work through "Foundations" by Robby and Kandi Gallaty- A 260 day bible reading plan

e. They will submit a monthly schedule of activities and commitments to their mentor for the sake of accountability and time management.

f. They will discuss any additions to their schedule with their mentor before committing*

g. They will be willing to be challenged with additional tasks or assignments designated by their mentor

2. Serve alongside the other student leaders. This group will be committing to the same expectations as you. We will challenge you to develop your friendships, disciple each other and share life together. 

          a. Expected to join monthly mentor meetings that take place the first Sunday of each month.

          b. Expected to serve as a student leadership team in our community once every six months.

3. Develop a running list of at least three lost people whom you can serve and share with in hopes of leading them to faith and helping to baptize. 

          a. Individuals on this list could include friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers. 

4. Responsible to use the “Process of Discipleship”  in the fall to work through the book of Hebrews with another student. In the Spring they are responsible to work through “Closer” by Robby Gallaty with a different student.

          a. Responsible to meet weekly during the study.

          b. Responsible to either pick a book of the Bible to study or read through an approved book by the Youth Pastor. 

*We recognize that all decisions must first be made by parents. This requirement will help students understand limits, while also keeping their commitment to this team as a high priority.

C. Commit to serving the Student Ministry

1. Take an active role in Sunday Morning Small Group: Our student leaders are expected to prepare for the lessons (just like the leader) and be prepared to help facilitate discussion. The health of our small groups comes from the intentionality of our student leaders. Our student leaders should be the most invested in their small groups.  

2.  Take an active role in Wednesday Night Worship: Our Wednesday night worship times are the heartbeat of the student ministry at Coral Hill.  Our student leadership team should take an active role in this ministry. Our student leaders must see this as an opportunity to build relationships and encourage the student body. Our student leadership team will be expected to see this time as an opportunity to serve rather than be served. Examples include greeter, sitting with visiting students, identifying and connecting with students on the outskirts of the ministry, etc.

D. Commit to serving at Coral Hill

We are called to serve the body, not just the student ministry. Our Student Leaders are expected to partner with another ministry and invest there. This needs to be a place where they can take an active role on a consistent basis.  

If you need assistance finding a ministry to partner with you can see a list of our ministries on our ministry survey. The link below will take you directly to it.

E. Commit to serving our community

9 out of every 10 miracles takes place outside the walls of the church. True leaders will be community leaders. We want you to see that your disciple making journey takes place more outside the walls of Coral Hill then inside. As a student leader you will partner with a ministry or organization with the goal to build relationships and serve the community. Here are some options to consider:

Local Christ Centered Organizations: Our community has great ministries we can partner with. Some examples include: Next Step Ministries and Crossroads Life Center.


Local Organizations: The best way to reach people is to go where they are. Volunteering at Boys and Girls Clubs and Bunche Center for example will give you opportunity to reach people in need with the Gospel of Jesus. 

*These options are suggestions. Students will be responsible to research and identify what areas they plan to serve in.

F. Commit to serving globally

We do not apologize for sending students oversees. The nations must hear, and our God is a missional God. As a student leader we are calling students to commit to serving globally. Students will be expected to serve with a Coral Hill mission partnership at some point during their year long commitment. Some of those areas could include:

-Brazil, Mexico, Honduras or Haiti

*Note:  I understand a parent’s potential hesitation towards this requirement. Let me reassure you from God’s Word that all children of God are called to support the advancement of the Gospel to the nations. We want to be clear that our first desire is that students serve cross-culturally during their commitment, however we do not want this to be the reason a student cannot apply, especially if it is out of their control. With that being said, if parents choose to have their child remain in the United States during their commitment we would still expect that student leader to support the advancement of the Gospel to the nations. ie. helping with a fundraiser for missions teams, minister to a foreign exchange student in their area, financially support a global mission organization. etc. 

​G. Commit to making this team a high priority

As you can see, this commitment is not one to be taken lightly. Other activities may have to be sacrificed in order to commit. We understand that students live busy lives and enjoy the freedom they have to do multiple things at once. However, this team is designed to challenge students by pushing them to see their life through the lens of disciple-making. 


We don’t apologize for the intensity of these expectations. We fully expect students to struggle with the tensions of living in the world but not of it. We believe that if we are going to see students become disciple makers, they must be willing to deny themselves, take up their cross and follow Him. With that being said, we expect our [dmi] participants to place this commitment as a high priority for the next year. They will be asked to provide details to their mentor regarding their after school activities, schedule and other events so that they can evaluate if this commitment is realistic for them.

Ready to Apply?