What is the goal?

The goal for all followers of Jesus is to become disciple makers. It’s the mandate that Jesus gave to the church in Matthew 28. As a [dmi] team we want to develop students that see their entire life as a journey of making disciples. During their one year commitment we will answer the question, “How do I make disciples for the rest of my life?”

How do you make lifelong disciple makers?

Our students are familiar with the phrase, “making disciples” however so many find themselves asking how to do it. With our [dmi] team, we will introduce to them a disciple-making model. We will challenge students to implement this very easy, reproducible visual of making disciples and being discipled. 


Note: We are not a ministry of model makers but a ministry of disciple makers. This model is designed to help students become

disciple-makers for a lifetime. This model is a crystal clear way for them to visualize their journey with Jesus. 

Disciple-making model

Chuck Lawless* lays out this disciple-making model in a way that is easy to understand and is reproducible. We will work together with our students to develop every area of this model as they serve their student ministry, church, community etc. Here is the basic breakdown of what he is trying to communicate:


Paul - Every follower of Jesus, regardless of age, needs a Paul in their life. They need to be poured into, give wisdom and direction from someone seasoned in the faith.


Timothy: Every follower of Jesus, regardless of age, needs a Timothy in their life. We must intentionally identify people we can disciple and challenge to engage in the ministry. 


Barnabas: Every follower of Jesus, regardless of age, needs a Barnabas in their life. We need people that are on the same level as us. People who we change journey through life together with. Other followers of Jesus that see us right where we are and can encourage us along the way. 


Lost People: Every follower of Jesus, regardless of age, needs lost people in their life. A vital part of the expansion of the kingdom is that lost people hear the good news of Jesus. We need to grow around those who are godly, while sharing and sacrificing our life for the ungodly.