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Help!!  It's past January 1 but I'm wanting to Jump In! 

Want to join the CHBC group?

First - Consult the Full Reading Plan (#3 above)  and prepare to jump in at the beginning of the next book of the Bible (should never be more than a few days away). 

Next - Go to and register.  After this, you'll receive a communication from a leader to help you join others in the way you prefer!

Last - In the meantime, watch the intro videos from the Bible Project (linked in #7 above) to give you a snapshot of the books you've missed).  

Want to do the plan on your own?

 Use "How Do I Access the Plan on my Computer or Phone?" (#4 above) to set up an account and get started with the plan) or use the Full Reading Plan (#3 above) to dive in at Genesis 1 starting whatever day you are ready to begin!

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