Breakout Sessions

During Rooted students will choose three breakout sessions to participate in. Below is a general breakdown of what the breakouts will be, what they will cover and when they will be offered.


Prepared For Launch - Equipping Your
Student with a Biblical Worldview” 

During this time we will study several key principles from Deuteronomy 6 as we learn what is a biblical worldview and how do we equip our students to launch into adult hood ready to worship Jesus the rest of their lives.

Breakout Leader: Randy Shaw


Spiritual Disciplines


Practicing spiritual disciplines such as praying, fasting, studying, giving, serving, meditating, worshiping and sharing our faith don't earn us more favor with God...doing them doesn't make us 'more saved' or even 'more loved' by God.  However, they are a means by which God continually transforms us from the inside out so that we become more and more like Christ.  If your heart's desire is not just to know more about Christ, but to actually be more like Him then join us for this breakout!

Breakout Leader: Jordan Woodie


Is __________ a sin? Believers and Grey Areas


There are so many issues teenagers face every day in which the Bible doesn’t directly address. We call these “grey areas". How does a believer handle grey areas, especially when someone may not agree with their conclusions? This breakout will help students see these topics as bridges to other believers through finding the answers in the Scripture.

Breakout Leader: Andy Brownfield


What Does Missions Look Like for my Life?


You’re a teenager (and maybe not). Your whole life is ahead of you, the Holy Spirit is inside of you, and you’re trying to figure out what’s next for your life. What if I told you that you already have the answer? Join us in this breakout and learn how I, along with thousands of others discerned our calling to “go”, and how you can know if God is calling you, too. The answer may be unexpected.

Breakout Leader: RJ Baise


Sent! School is Not Just For Learning

School isn’t just a place of learning, it should be a place of ministry. This breakout will challenge students to think of their school as their greatest mission field while equipping them to engage it as such.

Breakout Leader: Brian Pickerel


What It Takes to Become a Mature Disciple of Jesus Christ


If the truth were known, many Christians get saved and continue to be spiritual babies. Don't all of us want to grow up and experience the adventure of the Christian life? The only way we grow up spiritually is to be involved in things that make us grow. Come find out what those things are.

Breakout Leader: Rick Howerton

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How to Study God's Word (Precept Ministries)


One of the most important parts of our daily journey with Christ is investing in God’s Word. The problem so many teenagers face is being unsure how to study a book which even experts find tough. This breakout will give students practical tools and advice to help them continue being better students of God’s Word.

Breakout Leaders: John Ray & Kara Ford


Sharing Jesus Simply


Many students don’t feel equipped and ready to share Jesus with another person. This breakout will help students develop their testimony and use the 3 Circles Method of sharing the Gospel with others.

Breakout Leader: Robbie Perkins


Making Disciples: Quantity and Quality


Jesus dedicated His life to making disciples and it is clear that He intended for us to do the same. This breakout will give students a simple and reproducible way of discipling others through a one-on-one relational model.



Breakout Leader: Jeremy Atwood


The Cost of Discipleship

The only way to experience the adventure of being a Christian is to know what sacrifices Jesus expects of you. Come find out what it really means to be a Christ-follower, not just a church member. This session is for serious Christians only. If you want to know what real, radical Christianity is all about, show up for this one!

Breakout Leader: Rick Howerton


Ministering to People Who Aren't Like You


In our culture today, people are divided over issues like race, religion and background. How can believers minister to their community without leaving anyone out? This breakout will help students see the importance of ministering to people of all cultures and races and how they can break through barriers in order to begin reaching all peoples of all nations.


Breakout Leaders: Michael Rice & Ray Woodie


Is the Bible & Science Compatible?


Our culture today puts Jesus and science in two completely different categories. How can a young believer live out their faith in a world where they are separated? This breakout will give examples of how science and Jesus work together and how students can approach these issues with confidence that their beliefs are right and trustworthy.

Breakout Leader: Todd Belcher


Mental Health and the Believer


A session designed to help you glorify God and serve others by understanding and developing strong mental health. This session seeks to help believers develop a deeper comprehension of Scripture and its practical application for our lives so that we may “love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul and with all your might.” (Deuteronomy 6:5)

Breakout Leader: Christa Wing

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