Our hope is that you will feel welcomed here and

that you will get plugged into the ministry here at Coral Hill




I want to thank you for taking time today to come and visit our website. I invite you  to spend a couple of minutes with us to check out various ministries and the various people that make up the fellowship of our church. I want to tell you that there are two things that drive our fellowship:  The great commission and the great commandment. The great commission was given to us by our Savior who reminded us that at the heart of everything we do is the communication of the Gospel, not only locally but globally. Our desire and our conviction is

that it's only the Gospel of Jesus Christ that has the power to save, to change and to heal the hearts of people. Secondly, there is the great commandment. The commandment that calls us to love people, to love each other, to love our enemies and to love everyone with the Gospel. We are a family of faith on a journey together. We are learning to love God and learning to love each other. We want to invite you to come be on that journey with us. Together we want to give God the glory and grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. God bless you. 


What's it like?

- Services

Our worship services are unique from week to week. One week may be choir Sunday, while another House Band. Either way we will always have musical worship followed by a study in God's Word.

- Dress

There is no dress code at Coral Hill. You will see everything from suits and ties to jeans and t-shirts. Come as you are!

- Welcome Center

We want you to feel welcome and invited. Stop by our Welcome Center for a free gift as well as free coffee. If it's the second Sunday of the month then you will find a buffet table of snacks and sweets!

- Small Groups

Small Groups make up the heartbeat of Coral Hill. We want you to have the opportunity to be ministered to as well as minister to others. Small Groups are the way to do that! 

- Children | Students

We offer small groups on Sunday mornings for children and teens. Our children has TeamKID on Wednesday evenings while our teens worship in the Student Building.

- Security

We have a trained security team on duty throughout all our services at Coral Hill. We want you and you're children to feel safe while on campus. 


3260 Coral Hill Road

Glasgow Kentucky 42141

Coral Hill Baptist


We've got you covered!

We are expanding God's Kingdom!

Our new sanctuary is complete. We are excited about it and we hope you are too. Our desire is to make your arrival and worship at Coral Hill the best possible experience. 

When you arrive, we have parking spaces set aside for you. As you pass the portico you will see a row of parking spaces marked, "Preferred Parking". These spots are dedicated for senior adults, expectant mothers and first time guest. So go ahead and park there!

When you enter the Welcome Center you will be assisted by our greeters and welcome center staff. Please note that during COVID-19 we will not have any children's classes during worship. 


Main Services

Sundays // 8:00am, 9:30am, 11:00am

Wednesday // 6:15pm

Adult Small Groups

Contact office for schedule during COVID-19 (270) 453-4108

Post High School +

Children's Small Groups 


Children's Church

1st-6th Grade


Wednesday // 6:15pm

0yrs-6th Grade

Located in the KidZone

Student Small Groups

Contact office for schedule during COVID-19 (270) 453-4108

7th-12th Grade

Student Worship 

Wednesday // 6:15pm

7th-12th Grade


Coral Hill Baptist Church 3260 Coral Hill Road Glasgow, Kentucky 42141
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